The Evolution of Halloween Costumes & Fun Fall Festivities

The Evolution of Halloween Costumes


Fun Fall Festivities

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Over the course of history, not only has Halloween changed, Halloween costumes have also changed. In the beginning, Halloween costumes were more religious based and not very flashy or extravagant. Halloween masks were popular due to the ease of design, make and use. As the centuries turn, Halloween costumes have become more detailed and extravagant.

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Halloween in the twenty-first century is quite different than it was in the early 1900s. Halloween has gained more publicity and market appeal and is less focused on community involvement. Due to mass media and consumers willing to spend more money, Halloween costumes have become more detailed and sometimes very extravagant. The choices for Halloween costumes have widely grown and can be an agonizing decision for many. Costumes are now much more involved and outlandish.

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The Beginnings of Costumes
Face painting is the earliest known practice in regards to wearing costumes on Halloween and comes from the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain where practitioners would mask their faces, wearing hoods, robes or face paint to disguise themselves from the evil figures that were believed to roam the world during the celebration.  It wasn’t until the late 1800s until people began wearing Halloween costumes as we think of today.

Costumes in the Early 1900s
Costumes during this era took on a sinister nature. Witches, ghosts, goblins, skeletons and devils were the costumes of choice for many people during this time period. Early costumes were all homemade. Wearing costumes was also primarily reserved for children and thought of as a childish practice. Halloween parties were about ghosts, pranks and conjuring information.

Costumes in the 1920s and 1930s
In the 1920s Halloween costumes  became more and more commercialized. The first mass manufactured Halloween costumes came about in the 1930s. Some of these were patterns that could be sewn to fit a child and others were mass manufactured masks and outfits. This mass manufacturing allowed for more of a pop culture spin on Halloween. Costumes including princesses, fairies, angels, animals and flowers rose to prominence during this era.

Halloween in the 1950s
During the 1950s parents were encouraged to take the sinister out of Halloween. Halloween costume parties for children with activities like costume contests and apple bobbing also regained popularity during this time.

Modern Halloween Costumes
Presently, Halloween in America is a $5.77 billion industry even during the recession. Professional costumes are made for every age group from infants to adults as well as pet costumes. Modern American costumes have taken on a more humorous tone, often emulating political and pop culture figures. Kids Halloween costumes now are immaculately detailed like never before.  Halloween in the modern era has also gotten very popular with adults. Adult Halloween costumes are popular as well.  Unlike kids Halloween costumes, Adult Halloween costumes have a more mature theme, less on fantasy, movies or characters and more on costumes that are flashy and sexy.

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Harvest Party

Fall  Festival & Trunk or Treat

Fall Festival – Lexington

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Charity Haunted Trail

Thrills at the Mills

SCSA Spooky Soiree

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